Tree Removal

We realize there are times when a tree must be removed because it may be:

  • A hazard to surrounding structures or people
  • Dead or dying
  • In the way for new construction, home additions, or clearance issues
  • Causing negative competition for surrounding trees and plants
  • The wrong species or has outgrown its location
  • Causing root damage to structures or landscape
  • Aged-out or rather has outgrown its useful lifespan

Our Arborists are certified in tree risk management and can determine if a tree needs to be removed. We have the experience and cutting-edge equipment which enables us to safely and efficiently perform the removal of any tree. Most of our tree removals are performed with a crane to reduce the cost to the consumer by lessening labor costs, work time associated with the actual tree removal, and overall cleanup time because the tree goes straight to the haul truck with little mess. Additionally, the impact to your property is exponentially reduced due to less workers involved and less material passing from tree to truck along the ground and through obstructions such as plants, fences, and walkways.

Removals are by far the most hazardous part of our job and it is important to hire well trained and qualified Arborists to complete the task. Many trees are located over homes, around utilities, or intermingled in landscaped areas; therefore skill and care must be of the utmost importance to get the job done safely and without incident. We at ArborPro are highly trained and qualified in all types of tree removals whether heavy equipment assisted or conventional rigging is required. Safety needs to be paramount and our equipment allows us to reduce our customers property and our workers exposure to risk by usually completing the job in half the time of most other companies not having the specialized equipment. This equates to less impact to tenants, occupants, or surrounding neighbors.

Tree removal permits are usually required in most cities and counties, to help preserve our urban forest. Therefore we can assist with obtaining any of the necessary permissions or encroachments. Click here to see if your city requires a permit.

The value of service ArborPro gives is exceptional, compared to other tree service companies I hired in the past.

– Stacy T.