Orinda Tree Service

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Arbor Pro is an East Bay tree service serving Orinda CA. With modern equipment, and expert training, we perform all Orinda tree removal and tree pruning with the upmost safety and efficiency.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and the value we add to your Orinda home or commercial property. Arbor Pro is licensed, insured with liability and workers compensation, and fully qualified with a trained team to perform any type of tree work in Orinda, including:

  • Orinda tree removal
  • Orinda tree pruning
  • Orinda stump removal
  • Emergency tree service in Orinda
  • Orinda crane service for tree care & more 
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 Pro is licensed,

Orinda Tree Ordinance

Protected Trees:

1. A tree located on an assessor’s parcel upon which there is an existing structure, which is of the following species and which has a trunk diameter equal to or greater than twelve (12) inches at 4.5 feet above its existing grade:

  • Valley oak (Quercus lobata)
  • Coast Live oak (Quercus agrifolia)
  • Black oak (Quercus kelloggii)
  • White oak (Quercus garryana)
  • Canyon oak (Quercus chrysolepis)
  • Blue oak (Quercus douglasii)
  • Interior live oak (Quercus wislizenii)

2. A tree of any size designated to be protected and preserved on an approved development plan or as a condition of approval of a tentative map, a tentative parcel map, or other development approval or land use entitlement or permit issued by the city;

3. A native riparian tree with a trunk diameter of four inches at 4.5 feet above its existing grade or a multi-trunk native riparian tree with a cross-sectional area of all trunks equal to a cross-section area of a single stem of four inches at 4.5 feet above its existing grade. “Riparian tree” is a tree within thirty (30) feet of the edge of a creek bank or a tree beyond thirty (30) feet but in such proximity to a creek bank that it requires or tolerates soil moisture levels in excess of that available in adjacent uplands;

4. A tree with a trunk diameter equal to or greater than six inches in diameter at 4.5 feet above its existing grade on a vacant or undeveloped assessor’s parcel.

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