Moraga Tree Service

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Arbor Pro is an East Bay tree service serving Moraga CA. With modern equipment, and expert training, we perform all Moraga tree removal and tree pruning with the upmost safety and efficiency.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and the value we add to your Moraga home or commercial property. Arbor Pro is licensed, insured with liability and workers compensation, and fully qualified with a trained team to perform any type of tree work in Moraga, including:

  • Moraga tree removal
  • Moraga tree pruning
  • Moraga stump removal
  • Emergency tree service in Moraga
  • Moraga crane service for tree care & more 
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 Pro is licensed,

Moraga Tree Ordinance

Protected Trees: A permit is required to cut down any tree having a trunk diameter of 5″ or more measured 3′ above the natural grade or a tree having multiple trunks with a total perimeter of 40″ or more and is a:

  • Native tree (most common being Bay, Oak, Redwood, Toyon, or Knobcone Pine Tree; see longer list with permit application)
  • Orchard tree (fruit and nut trees planted for commercial agricultural purposes)
  • Tree of historic significance (trees that have historic value related to the heritage of the Town and designated by action of the Town Council)

Exemptions to tree removal permit requirements include:

  • The removal of a general tree (non protected – see above) located on residentially zoned property;
  • The removal of a tree located on a residentially zoned property that is located 5′ or closer to a structure (NOTE: Fences do NOT qualify as “structures”)
  • The removal of a tree located within the public right-of-way and deemed to be hazardous by the Public Works Superintendent are exempt from needing a permit.

Click here for a tree removal permit application. For more information please call the town at (925) 376-5200

Municipal Code Chapter 12.12

Permits may be granted to remove trees that are diseased or dying, that present a hazard, or are damaging structures, etc. Please contact the Planning Department at 925-888-7040 for more information, including copies of the application form, and a list of tree species requiring a permit for removal.