Lafayette Tree Service

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Arbor Pro is an East Bay tree service serving Lafayette CA. With modern equipment, and expert training, we perform all Lafayette tree removal and tree pruning with the upmost safety and efficiency.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and the value we add to your Lafayette home or commercial property. Arbor Pro is licensed, insured with liability and workers compensation, and fully qualified with a trained team to perform any type of tree work in Lafayette, including:

  • Lafayette tree removal
  • Lafayette tree pruning
  • Lafayette stump removal
  • Emergency tree service in Lafayette
  • Lafayette crane service for tree care & more 
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 Pro is licensed,

Lafayette Tree Ordinance

Protected Trees:  Any tree on public or private property meeting one or more of the following standards:

1) Located on a developed property, that has a trunk diameter of 12 inches or more, and that is one of the following species:

  • Coast live oak ( Quercus agrifolia )
  • Canyon oak ( Quercus chrysolepis)
  • Blue oak ( Quercus douglasii )
  • White oak ( Quercus garryana )
  • Black oak ( Quercus kelloggii )
  • Valley oak ( Quercus lobata )
  • Interior live oak ( Quercus wislizenii )
  • California bay ( Umbellularia californica )
  • California buckeye ( Aesculus californica )
  • Madrone ( Arbutus menziesii )

2. Any tree native to Lafayette of California (please call the city to see if you tree is one)

3. Of any size or species and designated to be protected and preserved as part of an approved development application;

4. Is a native riparian tree with a trunk diameter of six inches or more or has a multi-trunk with a diameter of four inches or more and that is one of the following species:

  • Bigleaf maple ( Acer marophyllum )
  • Boxelder ( Acer negundo )
  • White alder ( Alnus rhombifolia )
  • Black walnut ( Juglans hindsii )
  • Cottonwood ( Populus fremontii )
  • Red willow ( Salix laevigata )
  • Arroyo willow ( Salix lasiolepis )
  • Coast live oak ( Quercus agrifolia )
  • Valley oak ( Quercus lobata )
  • California bay ( Umbellularia californica )
  • California buckeye ( Aesculus californica )

Click here for their “Tree Permit Page the tree permit application.  Click here for the current fee schedule for a Category 1 Permit (Residential).  The fee is $350.  For more information please call the City of Lafayette Planning Services Division at 925-284-1976