Emergency Tree Service

Mother Nature can wreck havoc on a property in a blink-of-an-eye; and more often than not, it’s an emotional moment for the landowner and/or tenant. Our Emergency Tree Service makes it easy for you by helping to negotiate with the insurance company and quickly mobilizing. Hamilton is always ready to deploy a qualified team or task force to control and clean-up the disaster fast. Our Emergency Tree Service have the right equipment and experience to safely remove any fallen tree without further damage to your property.
The best strategy to deal with storms is to do preventive maintenance to your trees. Although it’s impossible to make a property completely storm proof, our experienced arborists can determine if a tree is in need of hazard prevention pruning or removal to lessen the chance of damage from a storm. Sometimes the untrained eye cannot see the hazards around a property such as defects or decay in structure, poor rooting, or overly heavy canopies. Heavy rains make saturated soils combined with strong winds usually lead to broken branches and fallen trees. Root systems fail and branches weaken; trees with foliage from heavy spring growth just add to winter stress with more wind resistance and weight. We are more than happy to assess your trees before the storm hits and make any recommendations towards preventive maintenance that could avoid costly damage.