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Arbor Pro is an East Bay tree service serving Dublin CA. With modern equipment, and expert training, we perform all Dublin tree removal and tree pruning with the upmost safety and efficiency.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and the value we add to your Dublin home or commercial property. Arbor Pro is licensed, insured with liability and workers compensation, and fully qualified with a trained team to perform any type of tree work in Dublin, including:

  • Dublin tree removal
  • Dublin tree pruning
  • Dublin stump removal
  • Emergency tree service in Dublin
  • Dublin crane service for tree care & more 
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 Pro is licensed,

Dublin Tree Ordinance

Protected Trees:  Any tree on public or private property meeting one or more of the following standards:

1) Located on a developed property, that has a trunk diameter of 24 inches or more, and that is one of the following species:  oak, bay, cypress, maple, redwood, buckeye and sycamore

2) Any tree required to be preserved as part of an approved Development Plan, Plan, Zoning Permit, Use Permit, Site Development Review or Subdivision Map

3) Any tree required to be planted as a replacement for an unlawfully removed tree

A Private Property Owner’s Responsibility

Residential trees located in private yards or in planter strip areas are the responsibility of private property owners.  The City may provide right-of-way clearance trimming services if needed to maintain a clearance of 8′ above the sidewalk or 16′ above the street.  Right-of-way clearance trimming is limited to the street-side of the tree only.  Property owners will be given an opportunity to perform clearance trimming if they prefer.

Under the City’s new Street Tree Ordinance, private property owners will be required to obtain a no-fee City Encroachment Permit when planting, removing, or replacing any tree within the public right-of-way. However, a permit will not be required for removing any sucker growth, low-hanging branches less than 2″ in diameter or pruning less than 10% of the tree canopy.

Private property owners are responsible for any damage which occurs as a result of fallen limbs from privately owned trees.

Privately owned trees may be removed or trimmed at the option of the property owner except under the City’s Heritage Tree Ordinance or any other Planning Department conditions requiring that certain landscaping remain in place.

To view the city pamphlet on Heritage Tree Ordinariness Regulations 

Click the following link for the Tree Removal Permit Application. If you have any questions please call the Planning Department at: 925-833-6610