Berkeley Tree Service

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Arbor Pro is an East Bay tree service serving Berkeley CA. With modern equipment, and expert training, we perform all Berkeley tree removal and tree pruning with the upmost safety and efficiency.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and the value we add to your Berkeley home or commercial property. Arbor Pro is licensed, insured with liability and workers compensation, and fully qualified with a trained team to perform any type of tree work in Berkeley, including:

  • Berkeley tree removal
  • Berkeley tree pruning
  • Berkeley stump removal
  • Emergency tree service in Berkeley
  • Berkeley crane service for tree care & more 
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 Pro is licensed,

Berkeley Tree Ordinance

Protected trees: Any single stemmed Coast Live Oak tree with a circumference of 18″ or more (5.5″ in diameter), and any multi-stemmed Coast Live Oak tree with an aggregate circumference of 26 inches or more at a distance of 4 feet up from the ground within the City of Berkeley.  These trees may not be removed unless the tree is a potential danger to life or limb due to the condition of the tree that the only reasonable mitigation would be removal of the tree. In addition any pruning of a Coast Live Oak that is excessive and injurious to the tree is prohibited. Excessive and injurious pruning is defined as the removal of more than one-fourth of the functioning leaf, stem or-root system of a tree in any 24 month period.

Click here for the ordinance (1998)
Click here to see the amended ordnance that includes specifications about pruning (2006)

Permit process:  Email: or call (510) 981-7400.